What kind of camera do I need for a wildly successful photography business

Hey Babes,

As I’m pouring over all your responses to, “What is the ONE QUESTION about starting a Wildly Successful Photography Business that ABSOLUTELY, positively has to be in our brand new 5 Day Take Your Shot Challenge?”, I’m seeing a recurring theme.

  • What kind of camera do I need?
  • What’s the best camera to start with that won’t break the bank?
  • What kind of lens should I purchase?
  • How do I choose the right camera if I’m a beginner?

These are such great questions!

And since this is so Important, I’m going to answer it right now instead of waiting for our challenge

In 2009 I had a pocket DSLR I kept in my purse for special occasions, like going out to eat, going to a concert.

The model was Point & Shoot Sony that I’d financed from sears with the help of my grandma’s good credit score.

I vividly remember my first newborn.

I was so excited to start & had so many things planned in my mind, but when I pointed my camera down towards the baby, even though he was under 6lbs, I couldn’t get his whole body in the frame. I was frustrated.

The next morning, I headed to the local photography shop to update my gear & Rob, the store owner asked what I was looking for. “

“Well, I’m a newborn photographer”
(which wasn’t entirely a lie even if I’d only shot 1)
” & I need a better lens because I can’t fit the whole baby into my picture when I point my camera down at him.”

“Well what’re you shootings right now?!”
he asked somewhat annoyed
“what lens is on your current body?”

“Well,” I responded uncomfortably, “it’s about this long “
as I motioned by hands to show the length of a small banana ….

He rolled his eyes.

“What’s the aperture on it” he asked, sarcastically & tbh he might as well had asked for the address to my home with latitude and longitude coordinates.
“Look” he said “You don’t need a new lens.
What you need is to go home and learn the gear you have”

I left bitter, but that ended up being just the motivation I needed to actually figure out what I DID need.

I spent hours over YouTube and Google, trying to find the best camera + lens combos for new photographers.

Although I was confused & overwhelmed at the array of options and set ups, I was committed to finding what I needed to create the art I knew I was capable of.

I’d bet most of you are the same!

I’ve taught hundreds of moms how to take incredible professional photos of their own children and start their own photography business with ONE camera and ONE lens.

An entry level full frame DSLR such as the Nikon D3500 or the Canon Rebel T7
but even more important, the NIFTY FIFTY 1.4!

A 50mm lens that works for just about ANYTHING!

shot with my 50mm lens




Soccer games.


Birthday parties.



(catch my vibe?) 

I made my first $100K with only these (2) items in my camera bag.

You may need to upgrade later, but there is no reason you can’t start a wildly successful six figure business using only (1) DSLR full frame camera paired with a 50mm lens.

I know what you’re thinking. . .
”Great for you Jordan, but you have been shooting for 10+ years now!”

So instead of hearing it from me, let me introduce you to someone who, just like you started out with ZERO experience and is now a Six Figure Earning Photographer with a fully booked calendar!

When Natalie started she had just been let go from her full time job while home with a brand new baby. Instead of sticking him in daycare while she went back to school for a degree or taking another entry level position and missing time with him, she was able to grow her photography business to more than $100,000 in revenue before he even turned a year old!

. . and the best part. . .

. . .wait for it. . .

She did it with only ONE DSLR CAMERA & A 50MM LENS!

Now she’s about to have her third baby & her family just bought their dream farmhouse in the mountains of Tennessee.

Although she has been nominated as one of the Best Wedding Photographers & Family Photographers in Chattanooga, she’s most proud of the fact that she hasn’t been back to corporate America since her son was born & this year, he’s starting kindergarten ! ! !

She’s built a life that allows her to have a steady source of income without sacrificing time with her family, while doing something she loves! 

Can you imagine if that could happen to you? Because I can!

Now, it’s true. . .

  • During my brand new 5 day Take YOUR Shot Challenge I’m going to personally coach you day-by-day and walk you through the step-by-step process to attract and convert your dream clients with a simple set of gear
  • I’ll go in depth into everything from why I prefer Nikon over Canon to the most ideal backup lenses and dependable memory cards, how I edit and my favorite poses for any type of session
  • I’ll also give you the blueprint for how to create a sustainable, high grossing photography business & how to balance it without feeling overwhelmed by what appears as overly saturated markets 

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to WAIT to get gear but what if you’re not ready to spend $500 or $5,000 on something just yet?

I have the perfect solution!

You can RENT my exact camera & lens that I bring to all of my sessions for an entire week, for less than $100 and I will be sharing a special DISCOUNT code in my challenge.

So now that you know the upfront cost requirements to get started, there’s very little risk between you and your first six figure year as a photographer!

I am so excited about this challenge that I have started a waitlist for the people who want to jump ahead of the line and access this BEFORE I roll it out to the general public!

If that’s you, JOIN THE WAIT LIST FOR MY UPCOMING CHALLENGE and let’s get ready to create a wildly successful photography business for you and the life you’ve been dreaming of! ! !

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