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Usually I fill you in about a random update of our life, any exciting news happening or a sale I am having about Christmas Minis ((can you even believe it is almost time for these too?))…

but this time,

 I need YOUR HELP 
You see, I have been working for months behind the scenes on something that’s going to be absolutely life changing for so many people > > >

& It’s been SO HARD to keep quiet about it ! ! ! !Most of my life’s work to this point has been about photography, capturing the BIG moments that matter most & creating lasting, soulful memories in people’s lives & with that I’ve made a really good income in the process >>>

Enough to support my family TWO TIMES OVER & still have the time & energy to be a full-time mom!Truly, I’m living my best life ever! ! !But here’s the problem – I get a ton of moms asking me how to start their own photography business & while the info I give about the process is substantial… I see too many women start out strong & then slowly fizzle out.… & I can’t stop thinking about all the lives that aren’t being changed the way that I hoped they would. The women who want to make a bigger impact in their community & also make a good living for themselves &/or their families in the process AND also all of the people who NEED great photographers for their weddings, special events, newborns, families & more!

So I came up with the solution ! ! ! !

I decided to launch a BRAND NEW 5 Day Take Your Shot Challenge where you’ll be:Personally coached by me so you can start your very own incredibly successful photography business from ZERO experience > > >Be given daily insider training so you can get comfortable with your camera & start attracting clients instantly <3Set a solid foundation & get your photo business off the ground in 5 days or less!… BUT most importantly… begin making your own schedule, generating a massive income & start changing lives as a highly paid photographer ! ! !Here’s the thing > > >As excited as I am to offer this, I am also a little terrified, and that’s where you come in.I need 30 seconds of your time today to answer this ridiculously short questionnaire! ! !

( ( seriously, it’s only 1 actual question! ) )

Because the truth is, if I put my heart into building & launching this challenge to help you not only start but FINISH & become a photographer who sets her own schedule, makes her own source of dependable income & changes lives > > > but I’ve not answered THE ONE THING that you needed the most… then I’ll have completely failed. :(So will you please help a girl out & answer the following question for me ? ! ? !
Submit Your Question Here!
Thank you so much in advance <3


P.S. Do you also know someone who would be the perfect fit for starting her their own successful photography business from scratch?

If so please share this page with them! > ! > ! > ! > !


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