An office makeover for one of the hardest working women I know & love

When Amanda & I met years ago we were both starting a new-ish venture.

She was managing a somewhat small ortho office and I had just launched The Burch House.
We bonded over mutual trauma and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My life and family were a bit messy & chaotic.
Her life and her family were a bit complicated too.

My life is absolutely beautiful in spite of the chaos, as was hers and we bonded over the beauty of life after tragedy.

Over the years Fishbein has grown monumentally and she is one of the key players leading that growth.
In the same time I have taken on multiple ventures and we don’t have much time to sit and catch up, but we constantly chat over good books, salad recipes and family life.
She’s always supported me, quietly and publically and honestly I don’t make that easy to do sometimes.

My circle is very, very small.
But I am so thankful she is a part of it.

& while we don’t take a ton of trips together & we don’t do big girl’s nights out that we can then story on insta,
we do have late night conversations that turn into therapy, for both of us.
We do our mid morning check ins via insta stories, and keep each other from getting faux nails and inspire each other to work out > > >

(even if she’s the only one still holding strong on the no faux nails and working out, and I am still just being inspired by her)

We make plans to lunch and then cancel and then make plans again, just to cancel again & we say we will hang out when we get a day off but ultimately end up sitting quietly, each at our own pool less than 5 miles away from each other, reading our own books on a random day off > > > then swear we will bring each other our books as soon as we finish, but don’t.
but I wouldn’t trade it.

She is the ultimate boss.
She’s a hot ass, confident wife.
She’s a stellar mom and SOON TO BE GRANDMAAAAA
( ( (omg, I can’t even take it ) ) )

But more than that, to me, she is a very close and dear friend,
the kind that only come around once in a lifetime and by sheer coincidence > > >
& I am thankful as hell to know her > > >

We have been chatting / / / planning a home “makeover” at her place, for years > > > > either the office or the bedroom or some where > > > >
and NOW > >>

NOWWWW, I finally got the chance to do a little “thanks for being so amazing” not only to me,
but to your team, your family and our community > > >

& nowwwwwwwww, she finally has an office almost worthy of her and all of the work she puts in.

here is a quick peek at the home office she’s been working in for the last few years > > >

this 72 hour office makeover was almost as good as our late night therapy chats.
here is to hoping she loves it as much as I do <3

Thanks to Emily from The OHM for helping me with a few surprises.
My dad for helping me hide cords.
Jason for drilling a “big ass hole in a brand new desk that isn’t even mine”
Alyssa from Alyssa’s ETC for collaborating on the perfect chair, pillow and wall art that have a very special meaning to their entire family > > >
& Amanda’s girls for helping me snag photos to fill up all the frames ((and for the surprise art))
but mainly Amanda, for trusting me with her FAVE spot in her home > > > <3

cannot even wait for you to get home and see it! ! !

(peep those sideways photos of J & I from an anniversary trip) over the bookshelves.
don’t worry, I totally ordered new ones but they aren’t in yet, since those frames were a last minute add on and I am leaving for vacay so < < <

so just a fun little reminder of me until I get back 🙂

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