48 days, ladies and gentlemen.

That’s exactly how many days you have until Christmas.

Chances are, your wife is handling EVERYONE else’s gifts, but her own.
& that it’s entirely up to you.

I know you are super busy mowing the lawn, grilling, working 40+ hours providing shelter, food and more, but now is the time to ALSO start thinking about Christmas gifts for the one who takes care of everything else > > >
& I’ve been told by a very trustworthy source, that this job feels like eating nails to some.
That he’d rather “lay down on QUINTETTE ROAD in oncoming traffic” than start sourcing gifts to show his love and affection for another wonderful year of bliss.

For a man whose love language is PHYSICAL TOUCH and ACTS OF SERVICE, it’s been said that speaking his wife’s love language of GIFTS feels like an actual death sentence.

So what I am doing here, is taking one for the team.
Agreeing to all the ridicule that may come from it, in hopes that you won’t be one of the suckers who inevitably believes the amazon gift guide that tells you she TRULY wants, a velour oversized wearable sherpa blanket.
dear god.
please no.

Thussss, I’ve created this guide FOR MY HUSBAND for anyone who may need it, as all of the results I found on my own research, via AMAZON TOP GIFT GUIDE FOR MOMS, GOOGLE TOP 2021 GIFTS FOR MOMS, came up empty for anything I’d actually wanted LEFT IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING wrapped neatly with a bow, under the tree, christmas morning. . . . . and know that whether they’ll admit it or not because they’re far nicer than I am, they’d much rather have one of the following, or all of the following> > >

I know many of yall have short attention spans, and scores and stats from yesterday’s games to check again for the 98th time, so let’s get to it.

1.) A relaxing Deluxe pedicure + foot massage at my fave nail spot is $50 > > >
((my fave local spot is HERBAL NAILS right over the bridges from Pace into Pensacola))

Want to make it a BIG GIFT she’ll love ?! 

Once every 6 weeks is 9 total pedicures to make it to next Christmas, with a price: $450
treat her to a YEAR of pedis, and offer to schedule it on a calendar now, and agree to watch the babes while she goes ! ! !

2.) Car wash pass: I loved this before it messed my fenders up so if you’re not worried about her ride and don’t enjoy hand washing it yourself, the monthly fee is $25 ((my fave was the one in front of walmart))

Maybe you’d rather someone lovingly care for her ride instead> > >
& in that case, a car detail after Christmas break would be super nice too!

Tony Gaines Jr ((on facebook)) is my fave detailer and it’s approx $200+ for a full detail service on your car, to have it feeling brand new! ! ! ((warning, she won’t want to drive it or let your kids in it ever again, once she sees how clean it is))

3.) Dyson blow dryer

I really didn’t understand the excitement over these things, but my sister had one and I used it on vacation and loved it.
Now that I have extensions I blow dry my ends more than usual so it could certainly come in handy but damnnnn $400 for a blow dryer has me feeling like I’d rather spend that on an actual Dyson vacuum cleaner instead 

Here is the link to the blow dryer or also a really nice vacuum. If you buy her this vacuum that’s on you though. I’d never suggest a vacuum as a christmas gift, ever.

4.) Speaking of cleaning, what’s one room she hates?!
Your laundry room?! The Pantry?! Master closet?!
The Attic?!
Would she love it organized!

Buy a gift certificate for a 4 hour organize from Emily from the OHM (Organized Home Mindset) on instagram

5.) Ok, so everything is clean. How are the towels and washcloths in your house holding up?!
These are my fave from Amazon, and having matching towels is truly a laundry game changer.

((Don’t use this as a BIG gift though. Or I wouldn’t, still, I’d much rather have $200 worth of new towels than a gift basket from Bath and Bodyworks. . .))  

BONUS Donate your used ones to your local animal shelter! 

6.) My own husband’s least fave
Honey dos are a great Christmas gift, and even better if you don’t ask for her help or complain the entire time you are leveling the 12 picture frames on the wall> > >

Last year it was the studio floor / gym floor. (Didn’t use much for either but it’s still so pretty ) !

But always a solid bet to change curtains or add a gallery wall without her begging you as a lovely Christmas surprise.

My favorite gallery wall frames are at Michael’s and are often buy one get one, and you can print b&w images from your most recent christmas pics from (Walgreens prints have really gone up in quality tbh) and they even allow upload right from your iphone! ! !

7.) Camera gear 

Every year I get tons of emails asking which camera / lens kit I suggest.
You must know, cameras are like cell phones, new ones come out each year with more features but a solid bet for this year is this one.

Skip the KIT and buy the BODY only, & then purchase a solid lens such as the 24-70 2.8, the 35mm 1.4 or the 50mm 1.4 instead!
Glass is good FOREVER!

You can also visit my friends at calagaz in Pensacola and buy as much local as you can!
They’re great with any questions you may have too!


My Mom workshop: duh! It’s a no brainer for moms who want to take better photos with their cameras & possibly even make a six figure income on the side! ! ! ! !

9.) Luxe products: these are luxe to me (maybe way too luxe for some, and bare minimum for others)

My favorites to stock up on or wish for in my stocking are: 

Face Wash

Body lotion 

Face serum 


Body Oil

Face mask 

10.) New birks, are neverrrrr a bad idea 
Unless she’s the wife that comments on my photos that birks with socks are tacky and if that’s her you prob should CX all the suggestions on this page tbh

Sizing is hard unless she owns a pair, then just buy more in that size > > > or look at her other shoe sizes and google it > > here’s the pair on my wish list this year

11.) Last name necklace is my absolute fave but you’ll need to message JEWELER’S TRADE ASAP to have in time for Christmas. Don’t stroll up there on Christmas eve and pray for a miracle > > >

12.) If you’re going to take the GIFT CARD ROUTE, at least do it where she can only spend it on herself!
Make it a Sephora or Ulta gift card, or Skims or similar!

She’s likely to spend target on groceries or more kids toys. 

13.) Luxury spa robe with this sleepy lavender rub from lush>>>> and some milky bath or other bubble bars to spice up bath night 

14.) Absolutely love this mug, that keeps coffee piping hot, but it is small and not car friendly so keep that in mind


15.) Forever roses! Eternity roses are a kardiashan inspired thing but I do love them and they do smell good, forever ! Super pricey but adorable and will last until next Christmas and beyond! ((if she doesn’t appreciate fresh flowers, I’d forgo this gift!))  

16.) Bedside journal, even better if you write the first page or two. . . But I’ll try and be realistic here > > >


17.) Louis Bumbag (my fave purse) is sold out but you can score one second hand that’s authenticated from Mercari! Make sure it comes with authenticate and also make sure if it doesn’t come with dust bag and box, you buy one to package in it yourself! 

18.) Calpak luggage carry on + checked matching set
((the hazel color is on my wish list this year!))

19.) THISSS Barefoot dreams throw blanket 

20.) Laser hair removal from GCPS
((hoping to get this for alllllll body parts from #dearjason, which would be the gift that keeps on givinggggg))

As always, you’re undying love, loyalty and commitment to her and the family you have created is the pinnacle of what Christmas is really about. If all else fails, makeout with her while riding the train seeing Christmas lights. . . Take her to a tree farm just to look at it. Ask her if she wants you to get down all her christmas decorations on November 7th. Run her a bath and light a few candles and then LEAVE HER ALONE for the rest of the evening.
Bring her her favorite starbucks coffee on a Sunday morning with her name labeled “Best Wife Ever” and so forth and so on.


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