hi there.

hi there + thanks for stopping by.

my name is jordan burch.

i am a wife. a mom. an award winning photographer. an agritoursim operator. and a full fledged entrepreneur.
I’m grateful for the One and only, who has continued to provide and see me through.

this is my [never ending] journey to a place that is settled.

i am a firm believer in having your cake + eating it too.

my [settled] place as of now, looks like

our family.
three boys.
one girl.
a new farm.
a new house.
lots of books.
lots of love.
and lots of growth.

new personal goals.
new business related goals.

many health related goals.
financial freedom goals.

this is me.
a place to let it out.

about settling down.although it doesn’t seem like it,
does it.

this is my journey.
to all of the above.

life is  journey. not a destination.

ralph waldo emerson


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