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emerald coast closet by design Jordan Burch Master closet


MASTER CLOSET BEFORE AND AFTER We bought our dream home a few years back. It had everything I could have ever wanted or needed in a houseView full post »

policeman third birthday party birthday blue inspiration by jordan burch

JESSE TURNS THREE a policeman inspired birthday party with a very special guest

Happy third birthday Jesse Tucker. This last year has been the absolute most chaotic year of my life and you’re partly toView full post »

CIRCA 2009


12 years ago I was turning 20 . My birthday wishlist included a lime green  leather camera bag with a small flower on the corner and freshView full post »

Juliana is T E N _ purple metallic birthday dance party for making it to double digits

first things first. I can’t believe my girl is TEN. It feels like just yesterday, I was playing on this new website calledView full post »

beaver creek 2020 family vacation by Jordan Burch 001


10 years ago I was invited to shoot a high end wedding in the mountains of Beaver Creek, Colorado. My childhood best friend, Jenna wasView full post »

so much to be thankful for. our beach picnic on pensacola beach

I told my mom all I wanted for thanksgiving / christmas was a charcuterie board picnic on the beach. years ago I told my husbandView full post »


wishing we could actually leave this planet for a little while and come back when things are slightly more. . . . normal? HalloweenView full post »

a real farm wedding + jonamac orchard

we had an amazing time traveling to illinois to shoot jackson’s K3 teacher (from 10 years ago, this year!)’ s wedding in PortView full post »

because the things they did right were so plentiful, that they’re still overflowing to my own kids

I fell in love with Jason because of his family. ((his good looks had a tiny bit to do with it too)) but I swear, it was his family thatView full post »

I want something to be scared of, of my own choosing. The Pensacola Interstate Fair 2020

Today is Tuesday. It’s a little after lunch. I’m slowly disconnecting from social media, and trying to post here, what I reallyView full post »

SAN DIEGO 2020 (day 1 and 2)

There are a lot of places I’d like to travel. California was near the top of that list. Thought politically we don’t agree onView full post »

Our first week of ISR for our 2 year old son in Milton, Florida

ISR week ONE at INDIAN FORD ISR in Milton, Florida

our WHY was simple. We have a pool. We have a toddler. I can’t bare the thought of him making it out past the door alarms, that weView full post »

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