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policeman third birthday party birthday blue inspiration by jordan burch

JESSE TURNS THREE a policeman inspired birthday party with a very special guest

Happy third birthday Jesse Tucker. This last year has been the absolute most chaotic year of my life and you’re partly toView full post »

hey girl

the world has been wild lately. actually, it’s been wild for while now. it almost feels normal. remember when it was (2) weeks, toView full post »

Juliana is T E N _ purple metallic birthday dance party for making it to double digits

first things first. I can’t believe my girl is TEN. It feels like just yesterday, I was playing on this new website calledView full post »

mother’s day 2020

mother’s day is an odd sort of day for me. do I celebrate myself. . . ? . . . or do I celebrate my own mom . . . ? . . . maybe both ?View full post »


HAPPY Thirty. It’s come so fast. I knew it would, just like they all told me. “Don’t rush growing up! It will come! &View full post »

ALL ABOUT NYC (a mom / daughter guide to our first time in the city that never sleeps!)

OUR TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY! I have been wanting to write this blog for over a week now, but life has been pretty hectic since we got backView full post »

“Do as I do” #dearjuliana

If your children were to “do as you do”   Would you be happy, with who they turn into?   I don’t mean in termsView full post »

stone aka snow(y) mountain, georgia. year three. with three

there aren’t many places where it makes sense to wear snow gear, when it’s approx 75+ degrees outside. other than stoneView full post »

a letter to jack + julie

a letter, before your little world’s are forever changed.View full post »

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