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hey girl

the world has been wild lately. actually, it’s been wild for while now. it almost feels normal. remember when it was (2) weeks, toView full post »

Juliana is T E N _ purple metallic birthday dance party for making it to double digits

first things first. I can’t believe my girl is TEN. It feels like just yesterday, I was playing on this new website calledView full post »

so much to be thankful for. our beach picnic on pensacola beach

I told my mom all I wanted for thanksgiving / christmas was a charcuterie board picnic on the beach. years ago I told my husbandView full post »


wishing we could actually leave this planet for a little while and come back when things are slightly more. . . . normal? HalloweenView full post »

I want something to be scared of, of my own choosing. The Pensacola Interstate Fair 2020

Today is Tuesday. It’s a little after lunch. I’m slowly disconnecting from social media, and trying to post here, what I reallyView full post »

turning thirty one


MAY 1, 2020 31 ramblings, for turning 31 1.) yes, you can lose 10 lbs in a single week if you don’t eat, but you gain back 15, onceView full post »

Target during COVID by Jordan Burch

Target ramblings

I had to go to Target the other day. After nearly 6 weeks of quarantine and grocery delivery, I had to venture to the pharmacy to get myView full post »

[enough] by Jordan Burch COVID

ENOUGH – covid

Recently I quit Facebook. I’m not proud of it. I always looked down on people who made a scene, of making a social mediaView full post »

Dear Small Business Owners, Here Is to US!

“I had a dream I got everything I wanted. Not what you’d think >>> And if I’m being honest, It might’veView full post »


SPOILER. No one gets out alive > > >

Good morning friends. Real talk. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. Everyone else is already doing that for you. You’ve got to be your ownView full post »

alaska horse adventures in Palmer, Alaska

Dear Random, Sobbing Stranger

Sometimes my husband really sucks. & I mean, he sucks. He says mean things or says things without thinking, more often than I’dView full post »

Jesse Tucker turns ONE

somehow a year has come and gone since I first met you.   .   .   .   . Jesse Tucker6-13-2018 & it has been one of the best years of myView full post »

M o r e   i n f o