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policeman third birthday party birthday blue inspiration by jordan burch

JESSE TURNS THREE a policeman inspired birthday party with a very special guest

Happy third birthday Jesse Tucker. This last year has been the absolute most chaotic year of my life and you’re partly toView full post »

hey girl

the world has been wild lately. actually, it’s been wild for while now. it almost feels normal. remember when it was (2) weeks, toView full post »

Juliana is T E N _ purple metallic birthday dance party for making it to double digits

first things first. I can’t believe my girl is TEN. It feels like just yesterday, I was playing on this new website calledView full post »

NASHVILLE + LITTLE JAMES with my little sister

my little sister is one of my favorite people in this world. she owns NATALIE CAHO PHOTOGRAPHY  which was inspired by her amazing, uberView full post »

Jesse Tucker turns ONE

somehow a year has come and gone since I first met you.   .   .   .   . Jesse Tucker6-13-2018 & it has been one of the best years of myView full post »


I’d be having contractions for days. Sometimes they’d last an hour and sometimes they’d only last a few minutes. I knewView full post »

The DREADED family photo session

we made it. barely. Lucy arrived right in the middle of a meltdown. Joe Douglas had just walked through the shower as Jason got out, so hisView full post »

all things considered. we’re doing real, real good.

it’s a little over a month in. each day, so much happens and i want to take the time to write about it, but it’s much easier toView full post »

birth story

i’ve been putting off writing this. in my mind. time will eventually slow down, and there will be an easier time to write this. rightView full post »

gender reveal.

well. we couldn’t wait. because i am not a patient person and the verdict is in. [and as you may have gathered] juliana is NOTView full post »

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