Hey there.
I’m Jordan.
Married to #dearjason
& we have (4) kids, Jackson, Juliana, Joe Douglas + Jesse

the burch family

I was a teen mom, who came from a broken home but chose to chase a life of abundance.

 I am now a seven figure earning entrepreneur / / / full time wife + busy mom who is making sure to set the standard  on following your dreams, without letting the fear of failure keep you from reaching your unlimited potential > > >

Welcome to my never ending journey, to a place that is settled.



Most of my life’s work to this point has been about photography, capturing the BIG moments that matter mostView full post »

What kind of camera do I need? What’s the best camera to start with that won’t break the bank? What kind of lens should I purchase? How do I choose the right camera if I’m a beginner?

What kind of camera do I need for a wildly successful photography business

Hey Babes,As I’m pouring over all your responses to, “What is the ONE QUESTION about startingView full post »

I decided to launch a BRAND NEW 5 Day Take Your Shot Challenge where you’ll be:Personally coached by me so you can start your very own incredibly successful photography business from ZERO experience


Hey there! !Usually I fill you in about a random update of our life, any exciting news happening or a sale I amView full post »

Welcome to Pensacola Beach!

Welcome to Pensacola beach! Pensacola Beach Sunset by Jordan Burch With so much to do, we wanted to create a guideView full post »

ALL ABOUT NYC (a mom / daughter guide to our first time in the city that never sleeps!)

OUR TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY! I have been wanting to write this blog for over a week now, but life has been pretty hecticView full post »

Catie Bartlett, Alaskan elopement photoshoot of Jordan Burch


Alaska. Was amazing. But that isn’t what this post is about (though the photos, may say differntly) JasonView full post »

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